Sunday, 18 April 2010

Moving into Spring

Is's birthday party was a great success, we will definitely consider a pool party in the

future! Food was made without too much trouble and 'sausage' rolls, cakes, birthday cake and fruit
kebabs all went down a treat!

We have moved on a fair amount with the garden in the last fortnight. The seeds have continued to grow and the broadbeans in particular have thrived (I think they were planted in the propagators about 4 weeks ago, they are now about
40 cms tall!)

And I really ought to mention rhubarb.... D thought it had died off over winter and all but gave up on it. But then we noticed it growing at last, about 10 days ago and look at it now!!!!

Away from the edible parts, the garden is looking less sparse. Large tree in the back garden is in full blossom and the Japanese Maple Tree is budding in rouge.

I know not the names of most the plants we have... previous owner was rather clever with how he planted and they come back each year with minimum effort from us. Few more weeks and we will have flowers blooming everywhere.

I am also reading into companionable planting.. more on this to come....