Sunday, 4 October 2009

Birthdays and Pumpkins

I turned 33 this week. As a birthday treat, D and I went out for a meal at Hansa's vegetarian restaurant in Leeds, which was truly amazing. Truly amazing because it was the first time in about 5 years that D and I have been out for a meal alone and truly amazing because the food was truly amazing. We had about 4 or 5 courses. I had worried that everything might simply be too hot for me (being a curry/Indian-food novice), but the flavours were amazing, very few things were overly hot, just aromatic and tingling. I cannot wait to go again!

I am also the lucky owner of a brand new iPod Nano, 16Gb in orange. Ooooh how lovely it is to look at and hold... and I am sure it will change the way we both store and buy our music. Io was very taken with it, sitting for a good half our with the earphones in place, Muse playing!

And we decided to harvest the pumpkin this week as the plant was well and truly dead. Final measurements haven't yet been done, but here is a picture of it sat next to an average-sized apple to put it into perspective! As originally suspected, it didn't go orange and I don't think it is going to last another 4 weeks to be carved for Halloween, so I am currently searching out a worthy recipe of our sole-surviving pumpkin, green or otherwise!

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