Sunday, 4 October 2009


I am excited to be hosting Christmas this year, for the very first time. There will be 8 of us (D, Is, T, Io, L, Ma & Pa and myself) and I will be cooking everything from scratch. Out of the love of cooking!

I am planning the menu at the minute which is a difficult task as we have 2 vegetarians (D & I), 1 very fussy adult eater (you know who you are!) and 4 littlies who can be fussy and difficult to cater for... especially if you consider the rich tastes that Christmas often brings. And it's these rich tastes that I want to create.....

Ideas so far:

  • Turkey..... I am guessing a crown will be the best idea. We have a local farm where turkeys are free range and organic, so we plan to visit the farm shop soon to discuss requirements.
  • A veggie main. No idea what yet.
  • Potted cheese and home-made oatcakes.
  • Red cabbage with braised apples.
  • Sprouts cooked in an inventive way ( I have seen a recipe for cooking them in an orange and butter sauce which I am tempted with).
  • Carrots. Plain. So children will be happy to eat them.
  • Cranberry sauce of some description. I am tempted to do a cranberry salsa which I spotted on a foodie site not so long ago.....
  • Chipolatas. Again sourced from above mentioned organic farm.
  • A cheeseboard with artisan cheeses, figs and grapes.
  • Mince pies. I plan to make the mincemeat soon.
  • Christmas cake. This is something I have never attempted before. A friend has linked me to a recipe made with vanilla flavoured vodka, which is apppealing to me more and more.
  • An alternative sweet/pudding that will appeal to the children. Unsure what yet.
  • Chutneys and pickles. Home-made of course!

So, much to do, and less than 3 months to go. I plan to make the mincemeat and pickle the onions this week. I also hope to finalise which cake recipe I will use. I took delivery of a second hand copy of Delia's Christmas Book this week and I am waiting for a copy of Nigella's book too......

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  1. Great minds! Your list is very similar to mine and sounds delish xx