Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Is turns 6 in April and L turns 2, so a busy month in terms of buying presents, organising birthday cakes, and in Is's case, organising a party!

She wants to have a swimming party, so we have booked out the small pool with floats and things, then we have a room for an hour, and we will be responsible for the catering....

I have made her birthday cake tonight, using the same recipe I used when Io turned 3 in February... it was delicious. I made Easy Vanilla Cake from the BBC Good Food website, and I will use the vanilla butter-cream icing recipe on the same page, with the ingenious addition of melting Green&Blacks white chocolate into it. I intend to freeze it when cool, and will decorate it when the cake topper I have ordered, arrives, (a personalised Hello Kitty one).

I will be make Delia's vegetarian 'sausage' rolls too.. I did debate doing a real sausage roll and then a veggie alternative, but in the end decided these were good enough to cover all aspects of tasty sausage roll-eating.

Then there will be sandwiches (cheese, ham and tuna), plus popcorn, crisps, cheese-on-sticks, vegetable batons to dip in humus, pasta salad (not decided on recipe yet), fruit kebabs, fairy cakes and The Cake.

Party Bags. Hmmm. Hate the fact that they tend to be filled with tacky toys and sweets. Can't get away from the fact that children love them for that very reason. Still thinking on this.

Present-wise, she wants a new watch. I will also be buying her a (cheap) MP3 player, and some Sylvanian Family sets.

As for L, he already has a Playmobil pirate ship (bought in the sales at Xmas), and a Melissa & Doug wooden tool box. I plan to also order a sandpit, so he can be happy in the garden while I tend to my vegetables!

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