Monday, 29 March 2010

The Garden in 2010

Ok - this year we Do Stuff in our garden. We plan to plant a herb garden in this space (excuse the poor lighting against back of picture):

So this is the same area a few days later after I had cleared it and turned the soil... I left the bulbs in for now so they can flower as the seedlings won't be ready to transplant out for a few more weeks yet:

So still a fair bit to do here, but we have had a bit of rain and even some sleet today, so it might have to wait....

In the back garden we have installed Bessie the Composter. No idea why she is Bessie (or indeed a she), but this is only in my mind.. nothing to do with the children.

We have also installed a new plastic greenhouse inside the greenhouse (well the 'lean-to) to protect the seedlings a little better and it provides a good way of organising them on shelves. We have planted courgettes, squash, cucumber, tomato, leek, beetroot, broad beans, coriander, mint, thyme, basil to name a few. The back garden is being dug over to become two (small) veggie patches. The children have been very involved so far and helped with the planting, the digging, the clearing (and trampling!!).

I shall take a few pictures of our progress on the seedlings when the weather (and the light!) is a bit better.

Here are a few pictures from the front garden as Spring is arriving:

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